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Client Testimonials



First massage with you guys and I was blown away!  Very relaxing!  Definitely coming back!

Amber M.

Langley AFB


My massage was with Patricia. One of the best massages I have ever had...much needed (very kind individual).



I liked the attention Patricia gave to pressure points, head and face.



Pat D'Elia has been giving me massages for over a year and a half.  She has always carefully listened to me in relation to my needs (aches & pains) and has treated me accordingly.  Pat has helped alleviate severe muscle issues such as knots and cramps and always suggests additional things I can do to help myself. She's a great massage therapist. I highly recommend her.


Hampton, VA


Patricia D'Elia has helped me through several bouts of pain in my back and was especially helpful in relieving pain in my foot after surgery.  She is a kind, sincere and very knowledgeable massage therapist.  Whether you just want a relaxing massage or have a specific concern, you will not be disappointed!



Patricia is an expert in her profession and you will be overwhelmed by her skills.  You can expect a very relaxing massage experience every single time.


Yorktown, VA

I am so happy that a friend referred me to Patricia.  Her impressive knowledge and skill level have improved my quality of life.

Cherri S.

Hampton, VA


Hands down the best massage to address your aches and pains.  Patricia targets your problem areas and very quickly resolves the problem.



I have been increasing the frequency of massage treatment (elsewhere) over the past several months, taking advantage of a variety of Living Social deals in different places.

I really appreciated Christine’s special care for my recently-repaired ankle as well as her personality and talent.

I have gotten good massages over the past few months (elsewhere) but, so far, none better than the one I received from Christine in May.  Upon completion of my Living Social "deal", I'd be interested in beginning a regular regimen of monthly massages with Christine so that I could cease the Living Social wheeling and dealing every few months with different therapists.

Dave C.
Newport News, VA
Massage incorporated Injury Therapy, Myofascial Release, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Techniques


I really appreciated the talking through each step.  I really enjoyed the massage.  For someone who doesn't normally get massages, it made me want to start getting them on a regular basis.
Ashley and Suzy Taylor

Injury Therapy Session


I have been very active my entire life, but since I entered my 40s, two years ago, I have started to feel more stiffness.  Since I started seeing Christine, I am feeling like I am in my early 30s now.  She takes her occupation extremely serious and the results prove that.  Throughout my sessions, she is willing to share tips on how to have a healthy lifestyle.  She seems to be genuinely interested in your well being!  As long as I have access to Christine, she will be my therapist.

Norfolk, VA

Massage incorporated Sports Massage Rest and Recovery, Myofascial Release, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Techniques


January 24, 2013 (Current client as of March 2015)

I recently moved to the Hampton Roads area and was looking for a really good massage therapist.  I was expecting this to take months of trying numerous therapists.  Luckily for me I was directed to Christine Hunter soon after moving here.  I must say Christine is AWESOME and exactly what I was hoping to find.  She has a unique combination of skills and her concern for my wellbeing is fantastic and refreshing.  I work out 5 days a week and she dissolves all the stress and tension I’ve built up.  I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a massage therapist.  She is the Best!

Tim F.
Williamsburg, VA
Massage incorporated Sports Massage Rest and Recovery, Myofascial Release, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Techniques


After Christine’s massage I feel “Nimbly Light-footed“.

Anonymous runner following the Shamrock Half Marathon
Hampton, VA
Massage incorporated Sports Massage Rest and Recovery, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Techniques


Great therapist.  Christine really knows the muscles of the body!  Great experiences for relaxation and healing.  Believe in regular visits for best benefits!

Ann T.

Hampton, VA


I have been a client of Christine's since 2012. She has helped resolve a number of troublesome muscle and tendon problems. I am always grateful that she tracks my problems and remembers what is best for me. Christine keeps trying new ways to relieve my areas of pain and tension. I always leave my massage therapy session feeling better and more relaxed. She also keeps track of my favorite kinds of music!

Massage incorporated Effective Treatments for Sciatica, Myofascial Release, Relaxation and Deep Tissue Techniques


My massage with Christine today was WONDERFUL-relaxing and therapeutic.  Hit all my sore spots.  Christine is a gifted massage therapist.

B. Alcott

Hampton, VA

Massage incorporated Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage


I had come in with pain in my lower back from a trip while running on the Noland trail on Tuesday of this week. Christine asked me if I had any problem areas and I informed her I had lower back pain on one side.  She quickly went to work on that area and after making it feel much better went on to discover that I had some other issues in the shoulder area.  By the end of the session I had forgotten about the lower back issue and a nagging long running issue with my left shoulder was all but non-existent by the end of the session. Basically I came in with pain in numerous locations and left with none!

James H
Hampton, VA
Massage incorporated Effective Treatments for Sciatica, Isometric Muscle and Body Balancing, Myofascial Release, Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage


I've had two recent sports massages from Christine Hunter and have been impressed.  Her knowledge and technique have been very effective in alleviating my aching muscles from a hectic work schedule and marathon running.  I particularly appreciate that she explains what she's doing, describes the muscle groups involved, and what can be done to keep the body operating efficiently via stretches and nutrition.  I've come out of these sessions relaxed and reenergized. I look forward to returning for many more sessions.
M. Martinez


Christine Hunter is awesome, incredibly welcoming and personable. She's very knowledagble and takes the time to explain exactly what is going on. She is never rushed and she takes the time to let you know you are valued.

Madolyn H.

Hampton, VA


Christine did a great job relieving the pain in my sciatic nerve. I loved that she explained how the muscles were acting with the nerve. She was great all around. Thank you for the extra tips about stretching!

Sheree B.

Hampton, VA


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