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Don't have time for the pain?  Limited Range of Motion (ROM) holding you back?  Please see a few of our documented Client Success Stories:

  • Increased ROM/Flexibility with Injury Therapy for Rotator Cuff Issues

  • Increased ROM using Massage Cupping Techniques

  • Fluid Reduction with Lymphatic Therapy Techniques

             Before                        After

       BEFORE                 AFTER

After only 5 minutes of dressed and seated injury therapy for rotator cuff focus and look at the results!!

After the client's first ever massage and a much needed 30-minute session of upper body focus for her rotator cuff muscles. Check out that range of motion!







After only 15 minutes of dressed and seated rotator cuff mucles focus utilizing Isometric Muscle and Balancing (IMBB) techniques.

      BEFORE                  AFTER

Massage Cupping can be incorporated into any massage to help loosen rigid tissue as  pre-operative care, post-operative care (wait 6 weeks post surgery please), as well as OLD injuries, scars and surgeries.  Massage Cupping can help to restore or increase range of motion by increasing circulation and releasing fluid that can get trapped in damaged tissue.

The client shown below was unable to touch her fingertips behind her back since 2008 following bilateral mastectomy and numerous surgeries attempted for replacement implants. The first picture shows the limited range of motion preventing her from being able to latch or unlatch her own bra. See the progress that was made utilitizing massage cupping during a regualr massage session.

Fluid Reduction with Lymphatic Therapy Techniques

The pictures below are after clients receiving one 60-minute session or less.

       BEFORE                 AFTER

       BEFORE                 AFTER

       BEFORE               AFTER

       BEFORE                  AFTER

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